Handling illegal substances in the school environment...

Cannabis, although illegal, has been appearing in bathrooms on school campuses across the country.

Whether or not this drug should be used by the general population, including minors, is still an issue up for debate, but whether or not drugs of any kind should be taken on school grounds is not. The consumption of drugs during school hours will negatively alter a student's thinking and brain functions, and therefore is prohibited.

However, this did not stop California third graders from smoking cannabis while concealed within the confines of a school bathroom.

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When interviewed by CBS, Sonora Police Chief Mark Stinson said that two eight year-olds and a nine year-old we're caught smoking on school grounds by another student in Sonora Elementary in California.

The students we're questioned by police and released to their parents on February 27, 2014. Questions still remain unanswered, and nobody was taken into custody, which includes the individual(s) guilty of selling the drug to the children.

Though incidents in which small children are caught smoking or using drugs are not very common, these incidents do exist. But usually, the students doing the so called hidden smoking are teenagers in high school.

"I don't understand that, junior Chrystal Hernandez said. Smoking in school is just so senseless, and not to mention how easy it would be to get caught."

Rules against smoking on school grounds are in place, and action is taken accordingly as incidents occur.

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