Sunday comes And then what???

Everyone has an impression of what church is like or what it's suppose to be like. Some consider Sunday to be the only day he or she enters into the presence of God. While others don't really know how or what to do with the word that they recieved during service, if the message is even relevant to what they are currently facing. Today, a lot of people find themselves asking "Sunday comes And then what???

I remember sitting in a service and siting back observing. Watching people respond in pure emotions and not realizing that God wasn't there. The congregation was experiencing the theatrical expressions through music and song and not the authentic Glory of God. So I said to God, do you see this? where are you? And why am I not compelled to worship you? He whispers, "My people think they are experiencing me, but they are experiencing what "sounds" like me. They are experiencing a performance. He began to help me understand that many people will cry, scream, run, dance, clap, and fall out. Afterwards they will get up and go throughout their week without acknowledging him at all. Those that look upon this scene in churches, those that participate, find themselves asking "Sunday comesAnd then what?

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What is my life suppose to be like afterwards? What is the purpose in coming to church on Sunday?

Sunday is another day to give God your all. It is a day that God set aside as the day of rest, but more importantly it is another day to fellowship with those with like-minds. It is an opportunity to utilize your gifts and bless the body of Christ; to encourage who ever is listening.When Sunday comes, it is the opportunity to receive strength, comfort and edification. However, I understand why you ask, "Sunday comesand then what?

Sometimes, well, many times people are experiencing something other then what I mentioned. Instead of edification, people are experiencing isolation, hatred, jealousy and back-biting. It's sad, but truth.

HOWEVER, the Holy spirit is tugging on the hearts of his people to move forward in maturity by allowing Christ to be manifested within the body. So that when people see the church, they see Christ, re-introduced.

You see after Sunday, maintenance is required. If no one ever told you, I'm going to tell you right now

You are responsible for you own salvation. You are in charge of making sure your spirit doesn't starve. Even though your Pastor, Apostle or any leader may preach to you, whether it lines up or not, your fruitfulness is dependent upon your laboring in the presence God and seeking out the revelation of His word. Thus the scripture, " study to show yourself approved (2 Tim. 2:15), as well as, " workout your own salvation with fear and trembling, (Phillipians 2:12) ."

Sunday comes and then we worship, we shout, dance and clap at home; in our cars or wherever we may find ourselves.

As a body of believers, we open the word of God to inquire about what the Lord is saying to us, the body or to an individual that we may need to encourage that week. We pray and we meditate on the word that was given on Sunday and look for ways to apply it. We seek the face of God. We listen for his voice and ask him to locate us and make sure we are with him at all times.

Sunday comes and then greater works then the ones we witness on Sunday should manifest throughout the week. Sunday comes and then we take those moments with us.

Sunday comes and then we should be growing and changing by making adjustments and seeking God to the point he transfigures our wicked character into a character full of love, gentleness, consistency and light. Sunday comes and then so does change to our inner man. Let's change the way we view Sunday and be come the "Then what", throughout the week!

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