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When thinking about this topic, I apply my own experiences learning the Japanese language, and learning to play the piano. While I achieved some level of proficiency (a basic one) I would never have considered myself an expert. Your essay also made mention of the time involved to reach an expert level. Japanese and piano playing we're both tasks I picked up as an adult, and since I did not continue devoting time to these activities each week, much of what I learned I have now forgotten. We must practice with new knowledge if we hope to really internalize it.

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You also noted how solid learning transfer occurs when the learner has motivation for learning. Understanding how topics are connected, and how the new learning is relevant to our students' lives, is one of our major objectives as instructors. We cannot "give" our students motivation, but need to help them find it for themselves. If we can begin by giving our students a purpose for the learning and show how they will use the information, how it is meaningful to their lives, we can help them to find motivation. Our goals as teachers is not merely to have our students motivated to learn while they are with us, but to see the value in learning while they are NOT with us.

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