This is Why I Love Hamburgers

For the last two weeks we have been on outreach in Hamburg, Germany. This is the second largest city in Germany and it is widely known for it's huge red light district. And in my opinion, the most beautiful. We we're sleeping on the floor in the basement of a churchand I loved every minute of it. We had no internet, no toasters, only each other and someintense time with God.

Our topic for the week was Evangelism and it was taught by the COOLEST people ever. It was a couple, Thilo (from Berlin) and Breanna (from Washington) and her mom, Kim (from Washington). Let me be real, I was DREADING this week. I have never thought of myself as a street evangelist or wanted to see myself as a street evangelist but they changed that. They have such a passion for God and for telling people about it that it was impossible NOT to want to do what they do. It's like the cool kids table at lunch, everyone wants to sit there. They taught us that when your out evangelizing it is like you are hanging out in God's living room. You know you are there, but the others don't, and it is your job to make them feel welcome. And obviously we had to take that and make it practical.

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The first night on outreach we went on a treasure hunt. Yes, a treasure hunt. This means that we spent some time with God, waiting for him to tell us what we we're hunting formaybe what the name is, or what they are wearing, or somewhere to go. And then you write it down. That way when you awkwardly approach this person you have something to show them that God had set up this appointmentand then you GO! We went to the mall. I hadn't heard a clear description of what I was hunting for, but a few of us had heard some things that we thought maybe needed put together and others had a vivid image so we began to look. At first I was like, alright, this is just weird. But then I realized that there was nothing to lose. And then me and the least German German I have ever met, Damaris, just began talking to anyone who had the time. The guy at the soccer stand, the guy working to picture booth, and so on. It was awesome. We just went up to them and talked to them about life and just jokedand obviously the question of what we we're doing always came up and we got to really explain it to them, and sometimes even pray. It may have been a little crazy BUT it really helped me to grow in my confidence on sharing this Jesus guy.

Then we got to do my favorite outreach. The KIC program. This is an outreach set up by the YWAM base in Hamburg. It is a place for kids in a a neighborhood with manyMuslims to just come and hang out. Obviously this was my kind of thing. The first night it was an tween girls night. It was just for girls between the ages of 8-12 and it was SO FUN. We had crafts, a sugar-honey hand peel, nail polishand braiding. Lots and lots of braiding. These girls are just starting to learn English in school so some of them we're excited to try it out and it was funny while at the same time being completely heart warming to hear it. They weren't fluent by any means, but that was okaythat is where the hair braiding came in. I started on one girl with the famous z braidand then all of the sudden there was line of ALL OF THEM. It was the perfect thing for me to do because I could connect and serve these girls without talking to them. I got to make the girls feel and see the beauty that I could see in them right awayAND with every hair I braided I prayed for the girls. It was like I could tie God's love up in their hair. The next day was for all kids of all ages and it was very different, but I still felt the passion and love for the kids. We played with them on big squishy things, we put honey on our faces, we played "fooseball" and we attempted to communicate. And yet again God proved that with kids there is no language barrier. I met a little boy names Jeshua (well, that is how it is pronounced) and I couldn't talk to him at all really, but we still immediately connected and soon we we're in the play kitchen and he was feeding me all kinds of plastic food. Then he looked at me and he said"Du bist von Gott?" ("Are you from God?")At first I didn't think I knew what he was saying, I mean I can translate that phrase but I thought I was obviously wrong. Then he said it again and my eyes just welled up and I proudly saidyes, because whether he meant had God sent me there, or was I from a church, or was I a christian..the answer was yes. The boy melted my heart and I still pray for him everyday.

My heart was so full after these outreaches.

One of the nights we we're out on the main street, the Reapperbahn. We we're standing in the square with a guitar and a Cajon just worshipping God for the passerbys to hear and see and one of the prostitutes lined up against the wall of Burger King caught my eyeand by that I mean God just put her on my heart.I felt like I could feel her hurt and sadness from where I was and I just prayed and prayed for her but it didn't seem to be enough, and we we're not really allowed to go talk to them because we had no way to identify ourselves as helpers and we didn't have anything to give them so typically speaking the women would never listen to anything we said, they would just blow us off or eve curse us. But I KNEW I needed to do more so I asked my leader if I could just walk over to the Burger King and pray for her in there so that I was at least closer and she said yes. So I along with one other girl and a boy went over there to pray. I felt like I should buy something there because well, I was in Germany and you cannot just do anything for free, so I had my friend buy a hot chocolate while I bounced around praying. I have never felt so ansty and intense in my prayer. When she came with it the boy asked me if I had bought it to give to the woman the thought had never crossed my mind but my answer was yes. I did not know how, because I speak only English, but I was going to. I continued to pray that God would open her heart so she wouldn't just pour the hot chocolate out on me and to give me patience with the language barrier because I HATE being translatedSo then we went, right before we had to go back to the group my friend and I walked up to her, and I just smiled at her (while I was shaking incredibly, but I don't think I was scared, I just knew I was doing God's will) and handed her the hot chocolate and said:

I want to give you this because Jesus loves you.

And she smiled and said Oh my, thank you that is so sweet < IN PERFECT ENGLISH!

So I went on, I noticed you from the square over there, I have been praying for you all night, and I just wanted to come tell you how special you are..etc.

and she smiled and thanked me, and I asked if I could pray for her and at first she didn't understand but then she said yes and took her hand out of her coat for me to hold while I did it.

It was beautiful.My friend said that she will never forget the look on her face while I prayed.That was a divine appointment.I will never forget her, and I will never forget the way God worked through me.

I never wanted to be that evangelical person, but this week I saw a different side of it. I saw the ease of making conversation with people and the way the Lord creates a hunger in them to know what we are doing and who is this God we talk about it? I saw the part of it that I loved.

God is funny.

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