What I wish I knew before I became a teacher...

Since I have my first day back at school tomorrow (kids start next week), I thought this would be a great time to reflect upon what I wish I knew before I started teaching. This is part two for my series of posts for the New (Math) Blogger Initiation organized by Sam J Shah and other great edubloggers. Check them out. They are all SOOOO great for doing this! Thanks guys. Also, please see my first New Blogger Initiative poston the inspiration for my blog.

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To begin, I want to share a little humblebrag: I believe I set the all-time record for Greatest Disparity Between Expectations of What I Would Do As a First-Year Teacher and Actual Results of Teaching in Year One. Respect to all the other competitors for this accolade, but sorry guys this contest was never even close.

Without getting into the various controversial aspects of the subject, I will fully confess that I entered teaching not through four year or six year's of study education, but through an alternative certification route that allowed me to parlay my freshly minted degree in economics plus various tutoring responsibilities in college into the the responsibility for instructing forty or so adolescents in mathematics. The results we're blisteringly,stupefyinglybad. I felt such a responsibility to doing the best job that I could, but I was just woefully underprepared for the difficulty of the task. I thought it just took some smarts and a deep commitment, but I soon learned that there we're a myriad of skills and understandings that I would have to figure out piecemeal and always (ALWAYS!) by learning the hard way.

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