I've been reflecting a lot on my k-12 schooling experience lately....

I've been reflecting a lot on my k-12 schooling experience lately. Most of it has been negative, but I do want to take some time to express gratitude for some skills that I believe school helped me develop over the years. Plus, I'm feeling a bit cheeky, which is probably due to all the lecture videos I've been watching of British academics, so tonight's blog post will focus on how school cultivated persuasiveness in little Cameron.

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The art of persuasion can be quite useful in many facets of life. Luckily, I was given the opportunity to master the craft from 1st grade all the way through high school. I was not pleased by the loss of nap time once kindergarten was over, so instead of accepting the status quo I was determined to create my own path to rest and relaxation.

It started off innocent enough I think. Every once in awhile, I would raise my hand, claim sickness, and the teacher would send me to Nurse Dunn's office. Every once in awhile turned into once a week and a 30 minute rest period turned into an hour or two nap. This obviously became harder to keep up with the increased frequency, so naturally I developed some ability to create the outcome I desired. The strategy from 1st to 5th grade was predominantly centered on spending the first 5-10 minutes demonstrating minimal ability to stand or speak. This would buy me 20 minutes or so of rest before I would sense sweet Nurse Dunn's impatience increasing. I quickly developed a work around for this by spending the next 5 minutes or so striking up a conversation with her and before she knew it my eyes would be shut once again. (It must be noted that the fact that Nurse Dunn knew I was a future kidney transplant recipient might have helped out my cause a bit.)

I picked this habit up again in high school as a means of gaining some rest before big soccer games, but was a bit more selective with my opportunities. Convincing a high school nurse of required nap time is a tougher sell apparently. If only I hadn't waited until senior year to take that drama class.

In all seriousness, this is an example of how children are natural learners. Put them in a particular environment and they'll figure out a way to adapt to achieve their desired outcomes (to an extent). It's also a good reminder that value can be gained from mostly any situation.

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