20 Ways To Amuse Yourself AND Waste A Gargantuan Amount of Time

A brief list of things to do when you don't know what to do. What's the verb version of supercalifragilisticexpialadocious? Well I just made it, and I know I spelled that right because I googled it.

1. Dress up in ridiculous outfits and walk around in public. Then count how many people want to take a picture with you. Or if your outfit is a particularly scary one count how many children you make cry.

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2. Go an entire day speaking in the lyrics of a recording artist of your choice. I suggest the Beatles as they seem to have made like a zillion songs. Also, I love them.

3. Seriously plan out what you would do to survive during a zombie apocalypse. Write it all down.

4. Spend a day pretending to be a Secret Agent wherever you go. Complete with all black outfits, humming the Mission Impossible theme song, and making your hands look like guns every time you turn the corner.

5. Go to Costco and see how many times you can get a free sample from the same table, before someone says something about it.

6. Find a friend and stage a huge argument with them while in a public place. The more ridiculous topic the better - you don't want to do or say something that may actually offend them. Bonus points if you get banned from there. You may not want to do this anywhere you actually like going.

7. You know that person you're friends with on Facebook that you never actually have any sort of interaction with? Talk to them, ask them a random question, whatever. Just make sure that the conversation lasts more than 10 minutes.

8. Learn to juggle. Some people may say that this isn't really a waste of time because you're developing a skill of some sort. I say, however, that unless you plan on becoming a clown, it is actually a completely useless skill, and therefore an amusing way to waste time.

9. Think back to the very first video game you've ever owned. If you still have the gaming system that it works with, play that game. See if you're still as good at it as you once were.

10. Spend a day dressed as your favorite character from any movie directed by Quentin Tarantino. This doesn't have to be gender specific. Girls can dress like Lieutenant Aldo Raine (Inglorious Basterds) and boys can dress like Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction), however the specific character is entirely up to you.

11. Walk into a public place with a friend, speaking a language you made up 5 minutes ago.

12. Write a Christmahanaquanzika Carol.

13. Find a list of random and crazy phobias, go out in public, and pretend to have one.

14. Go up to some random person and say, "Oh my god, weren't you on youtube? You are so funny! I love you!"

15. Speak in an a foreign accent to everyone you meet.

16. Here's one you can do tomorrow! Play a drinking game to the Oscars. Take a drink every time they start playing music to end someone in the middle of their speech.

17. Make up strange addictions to things. And then pretend to have them.

18. Order something at a restaurant that you can't pronounce.

19. Create your own recipe.

20. Make a list of ways to waste time and amuse yourself.

So if anyone ever does this, or completes the list, feel free to email me, or leave a comment telling me all about your adventures. If they're particularly hilarious, I may even publish them! With your permission, of course.

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