Giving above and beyond the tithe takes faith.

When we get our financial affairs in order in the natural, we position ourselves for breakthrough in the supernatural. I'm encouraging you to think about how you can challenge yourself in the upcoming Rise and Build campaign. Many people doing their part, giving small and large, have built our church. Giving above and beyond the tithe takes faith. In 2 Kings 4, the widow is told by Elisha to go and get all the vessels she can, not just a few. When it came time for her to pour her small portion of oil into the large vessel that would merely soak up the last of her oil, it took faith to believe that the oil would continue to flow.

Oil in the Bible is a metaphor for the Spirit in both the Old Testament and New Testament. Oil was used to burn for light, to cook, even for healing. Oil was always used in making their lives better, and just as oil was critical to their lives, the Holy Spirit is critical to our lives. Everyone is able to minister in the Spirit, and it is through the Holy Spirit that we find the miraculous. It is also through the Spirit that we can challenge ourselves in giving. There is story after story of people challenging themselves in the natural in giving with supernatural results.

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I want to take a moment to present an opportunity for ministry especially for Easter in relation to the story of the widows oil. In verse 4, Elisha tells her to gather empty vessels, go into the house, shut the door and start to pour the oil into the empty vessels. The Spirit can move anywhere (marketplace, street, hospital) but some miracles are meant for the house (the church). All around our lives are empty vessels needing to be filled. If someone is struggling in his or her marriage, they are empty; if someone is battling cancer, they are empty; if someone doesn't go to church, they are empty; if someone is facing financial hardship, they are empty. Think of empty vessels around you and determine how you can pour the oil of God into their world. Let their desperation embolden you in reaching out to them to bring them into the house.

Lastly, make sure your oil isn't flowing in the wrong place. It is great to give to causes but don't put giving to something that can heal naturally before giving to something that can heal supernaturally. It is time to start believing the word spoken over your life. Set aside time to consider what you can do.

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