Preparing for a new environment.

Into this environment we are sending one of our YMI Teams. This program sends teams of individuals who train together to do valuable, needed ministry on short-term mission trips at locations around the world. Our Hong Kong team will help lead and organize an English Camp this summer outside the city through Awana Hong Kong. Our team will provide valuable training to current Awana young people who can build on their knowledge of the English language. This is important as their churches want to equip them for mission within their own culture. We are privileged to be a part of training up more young people to share Jesus in Hong Kong!

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As a result of this visit, Youth Missions International will look to do more to assist Awana Hong Kong in raising up a generation of young leaders who can build bridges, being able to relate to as many different types of people as possible in this city. Our hope is to send more young people here on teams and as interns to assist the ministry of Awana and the churches they support, so that they can begin to send out their own young people in due time. The churches we met with have children that are learning their Bible well. They have young people they are ready to send out and supportive leadership. Now, we will look to provide interns and training for mission ministry, so that they can send out their own teams of individuals, ready to do the same elsewhere in our world. If you are interested in being a part of one of our short-term mission teams, now is the time to sign up! You can see trip options and sign up (it only takes a minute really!) by clicking here.

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