How to get your kids reading

One way to raise readers is to get kids their own magazine subscriptions. I remember getting Ranger Rick magazine in the mail as a kid. I don't remember the exact articles, all I know is that something came in the mail for ME! In this digital age, I think we forget the simple pleasure of getting something in the mail, the excitement as we dive into it to see what treasures it holds. Kids who are too young to receive an influx of email especially appreciate the good old snail mail.

Magazines are a great way to bridge what I like to call, "The Reading Gap." That time when kids are trying to transition from picture books to longer books with less pictures or no pictures at all is where a lot of kids lose it with reading. Magazines are a fabulous way to fix that. There are plenty of pictures and smaller articles and blurbs, but there is usually one or two longer articles that will grab their attention and since they're already reading, they just keep going and don't even realize how much they've read until they look up and it's a half hour later.

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Kid's magazines have other secondary positive effects. They often feature other kids who've done great things, created cool things or stories written by other kids. In our culture it's so hard to find positive role models for our kids. When I was growing up, shows aimed at my age range showed positive images for us to aspire to.

Does anyone else remember the after school specials that we we're assigned to watch at school? They we're extremely moral! They we're the secular version of a church skit! Can I get a witness, here? Today, television aimed at kids often have characters who are whiny, selfish, and disrespectful. Hardly what I want my kids to emulate. Kid's magazines offer examples of kids changing the world and leading exemplary lives. Kids who care about more than the latest fashion or what they're getting for Christmas.

The two magazines that most frequent my home are Clubhouse magazine and previously we received Clubhouse Jr.; both are publications of Focus On The Family (A Christian Ministry). My son likes to read the jokes and my daughter especially loves the stories of other kids doing something significant to help others. Last summer she took up the magazine's call to a summer of serving. She had to serve local, family and world for a certain amount of hours each and document her time. It was a great summer project. The fundraiser she did for her world hours will actually be featured in the June issue!

We've also gotten the Lego Club magazine, which is basically a huge advertisement with a few comics. The positive, however is that it gets kids to read EVERY SINGLE WORD. Kids also see pictures of things other kids have made. Massive structures with lots of details. This makes them want to build things too (read- play that doesn't involve digital screens). Playing with Legos has been proven to help with spacial awareness and fine motor skills.

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