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Since the start of human kind every society anywhere and any time has been influenced gigantically by human science. This is not certainly not an issue of just the last decades, but has been always an issue.

The impact of human science on societies is related to nature of the human brain: Always creative in it's look on changes to the status quo, always analysing the human environment. It's good to conclude that societal changes by science are not new history items or specific items for the last centuries: They have been always there.

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The increasing impact of human science on society can be better understand after draw (not an one to one, but a more general) parallel between societal changes by human science and the process of cell multiplication. The process is for each cell multiplication the same, but from 1 to 2 takes the same time as from 2 to 4 or from 1024 to 2048. As conclusion of this parallel: The longer human science can grow within societies, the more the impact of human science on societies will rise. The process is the same, but the multiple impact increase more and more.

It's quit a narcissistic mistake to think that the impact of human science on societies is a relatively new issue. The impact of human science on human society is as old as mankind self. Human science made it possible for travelling hunters to settle down, became farmers, build houses and grown food. This was a mayor change in human societies in that days. Settled down people had more opportunities for specializing. These specialists gives the best bread, cheese, meat, fish, wood, houses and clothes. This was a mayor change in human societies in that days, because people stopped creating everything they need by themselves. Human science made it possible to build ships and take them to strange countries and return. Human science made it possible to realize roads. The trade caused by this logistical facets was not a mayor influence, but the interaction between cultures and their different sciences quit well. Housing techniques, food producing and conservation techniques and also general knowledge improves by this very basic scientifically things likes ships and roads. Its not strange that the word for anchor is almost the same in each language of the world. These days simple scientifically things like fishing nets, basic food conservation (milk to cheese, drying meat of fish), than has mayor effects on that days societies. In this light is it possible the Roman Empire to classify as a kind of Internet of 2000 year ago. It was a information gathering and distribution concept. Some more recent examples: The invention of electricity and it's first general appliance in the case of electric light has had a huge influence on human daily behaviour. The science of micro-organisms had a huge influence on human life time expectations. So once again: The mayor impact of human science on human behaviour and therefore on human societies us not new, but even as old as mankind. Every generation thinks that they are living the most important phase in history, but historical seen this view never can be held. This kind of thinking is highly narcissistic and far from all historical facts. The current clock speed of science is a very subjective seen fact.

Like for cell multiplication environmental circumstances is crucial for science multiplication. Good circumstances are not a default fact. There are times with better circumstances and there are time with less good circumstances.

Just like the return grow process circle of a tree (as can be seen in it's year rings) there are times of huge science growth and there are times of science stabilization and even times of science decreasing.

Examples of times with a science decreasing environment in the last age: The First and Second World War and the following Cold War. These time we're bad for science. Especially Hitler's Third Reich (where stupidity ruled) was one gigantic brain drain for the world. Don't think that we need war to improve scientifically. War (and especially genocide) is one big mayor waste of human resources and knowledge and therefore per definition a decreasing time in scientifically growth. Who thinks these events has more benefit than damaged science: They are the last hardcore socialists on the face of the earth. Thinking inefficient governments are more capable of creating things than people. A sin even communism has returned of. Science would have developed much better and in much more attractive directions without these destructive events in last age. This separate of the fact that these events destroyed the lives of numberless people living or dead. We have believed to much propaganda concerning Hot Wars and Cold Wars. It's total nonsense to think that computer, aviation or communication technology weren't developed without the Wars (Cold or Hot).

Examples of times with a science increasing environment are many. In ancient history: After the invention of good ships and sails, many trade cities formed automatically and in these cities science has grown enormously, by the mix of prosperity (time to communicate and to research) and many available information (coming from visitors and shipmen). Religions also stimulates the interaction between ancient cultures and their science. In middle aged history: Around the year 1400 the Catholic Church lost their monopoly on information distribution caused by the use of printing technology. The power of the Pope meets more and more free thinking powers and looses territory of them. This has boost science enormously. Before the use of printing technology the whole complex of information distribution (one of the mayor environmental facets of science increasement) was mainly based on face-to-face contacts and hard written books and only church officials has lots of time for both, funded by the people. All other people where to burdened with every days survival. And non directly church based governmental bodies or persons we're mostly regressive and more focused on exploitation than on church attacking science. Trade systems gives other people than church officials and church approved officials time for science. There was not as many upper- and middle class as these days and every power was very much depending on approval of the church officials, trade and printing technologies creates the first extra-church societal streams. The redraw of the central based church thinking caused by appliance of the printing technology and the rise of rich trade people caused a giant science boost, which eventually results in the industrial revolution. The divorce of church and state, the initial use of middle class trade profits for research (the relations between knowledge and profit was quick established), some prosperity (thinking with an empty stomach is more basal orientated) and mostly the use of printing technology (breaking the face-to-face communication monopoly on information distribution) has boost science enormously the last ages. Just because human science is related to free human thinking, free human communication and availability of research facilities.

The current clock speed of human societal changes caused by human science is rather high, but this not a specific situation of our generation. The one hundred year old micro biology sciences has improved life time expectations more than ever since. Electric lighting has caused more changes to everybody's life's than the internet. The Internet hasn't changed our life's yet. We still use not one to one but mass media like general television and general newspapers. We still spend each day one hour in traffic congestion. The difference between internet banking and check banking is not so big as the change from cash to bank was on peoples every day's life's. History sets the actuality in a different perspective.

Science can have both positive and negative effects on society. Einstein is an very concrete example of a scientist who wasn't pleased by the effects of parts his own science. It become more and more an daily heading choice of each scientist and each scientific movement or institute: just doing science (regardless the effects on society) of searching ways to improve the future of societies. Concrete: The life's of themselves when they are old, and the lives of their children and grandchildren. Science needs this heading, otherwise it can be criminal in nature. Scientists who doesn't make this choice underestimates the impact of science on both human life and global environment.

Science has to chose against negative and pro positive developments in the direction their own research is going. Each scientist, institute, organisation, fund, company and government must make for their own future heading choice. It's time for a free to use Hippocrates like heading for the whole science industry.

Scientists for themselves and scientific institutes, organizations, funds, companies and governmental subsidies has to chose for dealing with the important issues of tomorrow. Where are the scientists and the backing up scientifically funds, organizations, institutes and governments who searches the solutions for the energy problem (a very interesting and urgent multi billion global future problem), the water problem (an other interesting multi billion global future problem), the traffic congestion problems (an other interesting multi billion global future problem), the agricultural dessert c.q. erosion problems (an other interesting multi billion global future problem), the delicious meat replacement problems (an other interesting multi billion global future advantage: there is no soil enough on this planet to grow enough grain for overall practice of western high meat consumption), etc, etc.

Scientific institutes, organizations, funds, companies and governmental subsidies has lost some essential c.q. crucial marketing feeling. Specialisation and the big global picture has proven to compete with each other. Science needs a new actual global needs heading. This also will be the solution of decreasing science budgets. Solving global problems is a good way to finance science. Solutions for out of the centre issues are always less valuable than solutions for central global issues. The bucks and the famous honour are hidden in solving the big global issues of the this rising age.

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