Do You Know How God Wants Us to Worship?

I am astounded at the number of people, some in church hierarchy, who have not read the Bible in it's entirety. How can we profess to love our Father and not hunger for what He desires of us? Biblically wise and God-fearing individuals agree that many people have taken the word Christian as another title to add to their portfolio of lifes accomplishments without truly understanding the commitment it demands. I don't profess to be a biblically wise man, but I am certainly God-fearing, and perhaps it's time more of us simply called ourselves Servants.

Some of us have lost sight of what God demands in our worship. Its not in the buildings, the rosary, or Christian rock, but within the lives we lead in secret and in public. He accounted righteousness to Abraham because he believed and trusted in God enough to offer his own son at the end of his own knife. Abraham believed and trusted in Him, and his actions backed that up. So my question is. . . do you love God enough to believe in Him and practice His word in total worship? Knowing God means trying with everything we are to please Him.

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Dare I say that many of us have become focused on the grace part of our salvation? Are we taking advantage of God? Its easy to get busy at Christianity and forget our duty as Gods servant. We steal from God with our flippant treatment of our Christian brothers, sisters, and spouses. Worship is not optional, and that worship includes true self-reflection.

Beloved, God realizes well fail. Being a servant doesn't mean we lose our humanity. It means we become more aware of it's existence. As Pastor Jared C. Wilson says in his book, Seven Daily Sins: How the Gospel Redeems our Deepest Desires , Deep down in the recesses of every human soul is a cloying ravenous monster ruthless for it's own glory. This monster constantly clambers out of it's dark pit, hunting and gathering food and trinkets, even collecting feelings and experiences. Its especially hungry for adulation and affirmation, but it's never satisfied.

This is why the Bible says, Hate the sin and love the sinner, and why we cannot allow ourselves to ever be mild, meek, or trivial with that ugly monster that lives within us. However, we must get up every day, look in the mirror and say to ourselves, How can I live this day more Christlike? Its not by making friends with that ugly monster by feeling we've arrived in our sanctity. Its loving the fellow sinners around us with the truly redemptive love of Christ through the biblical way we treat them.

Adrian Rodgers once said, If he is not your Lord, He is not your Savior, and if you have a Bible that's falling apart, you'll have a life that's not. If the Christian life is lived out in my house, it will be lived by Jesus. Hes the only one who ever had or ever will live the Christian life.

Take those words to heart and realize we've never arrived. A constant baptism in life's true manual is required. Take the living waters of the Bible and drink them down. Ponder them, study them, and most importantly, live them. Edmond Burke said, Evil flourishes when good men do nothing. Not societys idea of a good man, but Gods.

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