Amazing Grace [My Chains Are Gone]

It was wonderful being at Daystar Church today. We had a few newer people on the stage this week. Tim Walden on bass guitar and Nolan Carter on drums. They both did a fantastic job!

I had two weird things happen to me today while leading. In the first service my in-ear receiver stopped working two minutes before the service. I had to go grab a spare and got back on the stage at the last minute. The second weird thing is that I broke a string in the third service, which is very rare for me. Although, I had some things happen, it didn't deter us from lifting Jesus' name in our services. We lifted his name to a place of prominence in our praise!

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Another great thing about the service today was that my childhood youth pastor was in the service. When I was growing up he challenged me to lead worship and constantly told me that God was going to use me to lead many people to praise his name. Back then I didn't believe a word he was saying. I guess I didn't want to believe it! As I look back over 13 years of leading worship and a countless number of services, I realize that it is due in large part to his influence in my life. Without hispersistentchallenge to greatness in my life I would not be where I am today. It was such an honor to lead him to worship God this morning!

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