Interesting mind developing ways to play with your kids

Play educational games with your kids

Kids love to play but of course they want those games that they can enjoy. Most of the time educational games could be boring but not all the time. Its up to the parents how they will make educational game more interesting and enjoyable. You can try those puzzles and strategic type of games where it requires mental ability. Through that, it will help in developing your childs mind. Then, try to give a reward if your child gets it. That can motivate and inspire them to do their best.

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Have A Smart Conversation With Your Child

Of course not all the time you will be playing games or reading books, there will be time that you also need to do a conversation to your child. Conversing with your kids could develop trust, strengthen your relationship, they will feel accepted, they won't feel alone, and they will know that they have someone to rely on in case they have problems. When you converse with your kids, try not to focus on one topic only, let them do the talking and just respond to them. This can also be a good teaching moment for them. Try to ask them about their school (if they are already going to school), about their friends, about your family, and always say I love you before and after your conversation. Never fail to let your child feel how much they mean to you and how much you love them.

Aside from those, kids love to ask questions especially with regard to things that they are curious about. Never hesitate to answer their questions because they deserve it. They ask because they want to know. Do not ignore this and scold your child for asking. You should be thankful that it's you who they trust to ask those questions. So, always answer it in a correct manner without any malice.

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