South Pacific Kayaks – Maui Kayak Tours and Surf Lessons

Maui kayak tours and snorkeling, Maui surf lessons and Maui stand-up paddling lessons.

Maui kayak tours and snorkeling

Maui surf lessons, and Maui stand-up paddling lessons.

South Pacific Kayaks, has been Maui’s premier kayak, snorkel and water sport lessons, rental and tour provider since 1991. Specializing in Maui Kayak tours and snorkeling, Maui surf lessons, and Maui Stand-up paddling lessons. We pride ourselves in sharing visitors to Maui (and locals too) of all ages and ability levels to a different side of Maui; stunning coastlines, pristine tropical waters teeming with sea-life, marine mammals and colorful coral reefs in an up close and personal, environmentally friendly, small group setting. Our goal is and has always been that we want your time with us to be your best Maui vacation experience.


Maui kayak tours and snorkeling, Surf lessons and stand-up paddling lessons

South Pacific Kayaks invites you to join us on some great Maui activities. You’ll enjoy Maui Kayaking & Snorkeling, Surfing lessons and Stand Up Paddle Boarding lessons all in a safe, fun and friendly environment.


We have several Maui kayak tours to choose from, all with there unique experience. Learn to surf with one of our Maui surf lessons or try stand-up paddling. Fill your vacation days with some Maui fun and challenge yourself with activities that will create memories for years to come. As one of Maui’s most experienced operators with over 20+ years experience, we’ve got the island’s best guides, newest and best equipment, and the old fashion know how.

Take some time and explore the exciting activity options here and book what you like. We make it easy, simple and safe for you. If you have any questions, we are only a phone call away at 808-875-4848.

Mahalo from the whole crew here, and hope to see you during your stay.

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Experience Maui's Amazing Waters

Kayaking Maui’s amazing coastlines

Snorkeling Maui’s pristine waters

Maui surf lessons

Maui stand-up paddling lessons

Join our friendly instructors for a memorable day enjoying the beautiful waters of Maui.

South Pacific Kayaks offers Maui’s best kayaking trips, amazing snorkeling adventures, fun and safe Surf lessons and Stand-up paddling lessons that are fun for the whole family.

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JAWZ Fish Tacos Restaurant

Click the link below for Maui’s best fish tacos: Our restaurant is conveniently located in Kihei and we also have our world famous taco truck at Makena beach.

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In virtually any industry, experience is certainly a significant issue affecting results. If perhaps you may be needing an attractive kayak tour operator in Maui, well that can be more true. With being a kayak tour operator, all of us can certainly show you decisively how the final quality is definitely decided from the knowledge of the firm you've been employing. The massive level of knowledge that South pacific kayaks provides as an attractive kayak tour operator in Maui, is undoubtedly just why anyone really should believe in us all for your valuable critical requirements. In case you are shopping for an attractive kayak tour operator in Maui, consider South pacific kayaks. Please talk to us all today.

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