South Pacific Kayaks – Maui Kayak Tours and Surf Lessons

Maui kayak tours and snorkeling, Maui surf lessons and Maui stand-up paddling lessons.

Maui kayak tours and snorkeling

Maui surf lessons, and Maui stand-up paddling lessons.

South Pacific Kayaks, has been Maui’s premier kayak, snorkel and water sport lessons, rental and tour provider since 1991. Specializing in Maui Kayak tours and snorkeling, Maui surf lessons, and Maui Stand-up paddling lessons. We pride ourselves in sharing visitors to Maui (and locals too) of all ages and ability levels to a different side of Maui; stunning coastlines, pristine tropical waters teeming with sea-life, marine mammals and colorful coral reefs in an up close and personal, environmentally friendly, small group setting. Our goal is and has always been that we want your time with us to be your best Maui vacation experience.


Maui kayak tours and snorkeling, Surf lessons and stand-up paddling lessons

South Pacific Kayaks invites you to join us on some great Maui activities. You’ll enjoy Maui Kayaking & Snorkeling, Surfing lessons and Stand Up Paddle Boarding lessons all in a safe, fun and friendly environment.


We have several Maui kayak tours to choose from, all with there unique experience. Learn to surf with one of our Maui surf lessons or try stand-up paddling. Fill your vacation days with some Maui fun and challenge yourself with activities that will create memories for years to come. As one of Maui’s most experienced operators with over 20+ years experience, we’ve got the island’s best guides, newest and best equipment, and the old fashion know how.

Take some time and explore the exciting activity options here and book what you like. We make it easy, simple and safe for you. If you have any questions, we are only a phone call away at 808-875-4848.

Mahalo from the whole crew here, and hope to see you during your stay.

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Experience Maui's Amazing Waters

Kayaking Maui’s amazing coastlines

Snorkeling Maui’s pristine waters

Maui surf lessons

Maui stand-up paddling lessons

Join our friendly instructors for a memorable day enjoying the beautiful waters of Maui.

South Pacific Kayaks offers Maui’s best kayaking trips, amazing snorkeling adventures, fun and safe Surf lessons and Stand-up paddling lessons that are fun for the whole family.

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JAWZ Fish Tacos Restaurant

Click the link below for Maui’s best fish tacos: Our restaurant is conveniently located in Kihei and we also have our world famous taco truck at Makena beach.

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Here at South pacific kayaks we take being a kayak tour operator exceedingly seriously. We all understand that truly any time clients are shopping to find a dazzling Maui based kayaking lessons service these people need the top. As a result we attempt to be the slickest kayak tour operator we could possibly be in HAWAII. It truly is our determination to truly being the winner that has generated all of us this significant admiration with each of our customers.

Being a dazzling Maui based kayaking lessons service we all in addition constantly attempt to take the time to respond to all our clients inquiries diligently and with no judgment. We of course put in the time. All of us think that it's incredibly critical to make sure buyers feel recognized and also looked after.

Now there truly are not so many kayak tour operator that hold the correct expertise together with background to market their business as a leader inside their sector. Blend this in with our superior amount of consumer support and we truly feel we're absolutely the perfect dazzling Maui based kayaking lessons service within HAWAII.

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Everything starts off with a phone call.

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We will be delighted to explore your present kayak tour operator requirements in depth on the phone or perhaps via e-mail if perhaps that works better for you. After that we will advise the solution that idealy fits your present requirements. See just why people today call us the very best dazzling Maui based kayaking lessons service!

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Our dedication to top quality is definitely quite high. If you are endeavoring to be a dazzling Maui based kayaking lessons service or a dazzling Maui based kayaking lessons service, there is in fact no other route but to do your absolute best in order to outshine. In case any given client needs more time, we all afford that consumer further work. Just about anything for us to be sure they are happy with us all as a kayak tour operator. Bear in mind, we service practically all of HAWAII, and so you should get in touch.

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Our own purchasers have labeled our team as a dazzling Maui based kayaking lessons service, a dazzling Maui based kayaking lessons service, a dazzling Maui based kayaking lessons service combined with the greatest HAWAII situated kayak tour operator you will discover! Honestly that doesn't transpire unless there's amazingly diligent labor and commitment to your clients and also the top quality of your work. If you will be looking around to find a dazzling Maui based kayaking lessons service, we all definitely believe that we're the ideal option. Simply phone South pacific kayaks to speak about what you need immediately! 808.875.4848.

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With any given niche, knowledge is usually a significant ingredient with regards to end results. In case you will be needing a dazzling Maui based kayaking lessons service, well then this is definitely more legitimate. Being a kayak tour operator, we will certainly convey to you in person that the final end result is very much dictated by the experience of the organization you're hiring. The excessively huge level of expertise which South pacific kayaks offers as a dazzling Maui based kayaking lessons service, is actually precisely why you actually have to trust us for your critical requirements. In case you're searching for a dazzling Maui based kayaking lessons service, think of South pacific kayaks. Ensure you contact all of us today.

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Choosing the kayak tour operator to use is a time-consuming decision. Go with an educated choice. Why not meet us with simply no obligation to see for yourself if we will be the best kayak tour operator for your criteria.

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