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SURF LESSONS - This Is The Place And Time

You really can’t come to Maui and not think about surfing. Given the excellent conditions, warm waters and beautiful beaches, why wouldn’t you? Our learn to surf camp is conveniently located at Kalama Park in Kihei. With lots of sunshine and nice gentle rolling waves, this is an excellent spot to learn to surf/sup.

Instructors With Know How

Our instructors are the kinda guys and gals you want to have as a surfing buddy. No, they are not professional surfers riding the enormous waves of Jaws but they are more suited to helping you surf! Friendly, happy and encouraging, they will get you up and riding some waves! Nothing better than having fun on the water with some positive mojo!

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South Maui best overall spot

Our surf & SUP lessons are at Kalama Park in Kihei (south Maui). We love thissurf spot for its gentle rolling waves, large surf area with varying degrees of surf, and a foot-friendly bottom. South Maui is also famous for its non-stop sunshine, beautiful sandy beaches, and its hang loose vibe. Kalama Park is a large recreational park with shade trees, excellent viewing area for non-surfer, cafes and shopping across the street (there’s even a Starbucks down the street). Forget the shopping though, come surf!!!

INSIDER SECRET – This is one of the only county permitted locations for surf and stand-up paddling lessons! Few spots and companies are actually permitted by the county to teach surfing. We are one of them. Others will have you in spots that are a little too risky (crossing a highway to rappel down a cliff, or ask you to say it's not a surf or stand-up paddling lesson if anyone asks, etc.). You decide.

The Fun starts now!

Once you make the leap of faith and make your reservation (thank you by the way!), the wheels are set in motion on our side. We will be all prepared for you to meet us at Kalama Park about 15-30 minutes before your scheduled lesson time (first things first get some sunscreen on!).

Upon arrival and the legal mumbo-jumbo (sign the release), we’ll have you pop on a rash guard and some booties (gotta love the booties!). While our beach person takes care of this, we’ll make sure we have the right size board for your dimensions (size and weight). A thorough and funny beach instruction covering the “How to’s”, the “How not to’s” as well as the “How the heck do you do that”, then out to the waters edge. Toss your board in, hop on and paddle out with the instructor with you. It's all surfing from here.

At the end, paddle in, retire your rash guard and booties in exchange for some refreshments and snacks. What a great day on the water and you are now part of the elite “usurfemhardinmaui” club of Maui (t-shirt not included).

Kalama Beach Park (South Maui)

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Kalama Beach Park on Maui’s South Shore is a large park blanketed in warm sunshine most days of the year. There is an oceanside grassy area with shade trees for family members to watch, and the area is ideal for learning to surf and paddleboard.

Area Specific: KALAMA PARK
Time Options: 8AM/10AM/NOON
Season: ALL
Difficulty: EASY

*Info in green pertains to Noon activity

Price Per Person:

Group: $65 Ages 9+
Semi-Private: $99 Ages 5+
Private: $149 Ages 5+

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