Q: What’s the best kayak tour / area you offer?
A: While all our tours are very nice, all the guides agree that South Maui offers the best overall experience. Nice weather, great snorkeling and beautiful environment make this an over the top favorite.

Q:  What should I bring / leave behind for the kayaking tour?

A:  We recommend you bring with you the beach basics:

  • Sunscreen
  • Beach towel
  • Swimsuit on

Q: What would you suggest we leave behind?
A: Personal items such as rings, watches, necklaces any personal items that are loose to your person, cell phones, non-waterproof electronics (cameras, camcorders, etc.)

Q: Any other advice for the kayaking tour?
A: On any activity, use the restroom prior to your arrival. Few areas offer restrooms and even those that do, are not anywhere near as nice as your resort / hotel / condo. Trust us!

Q:  Why do you start your kayak tours so early?
A:  Maui is blessed with beauty on land and the ocean. One of the blessings we have is our trade winds keeping our island cool and comfortable during the afternoon hours when the sun is at its hottest. The earlier on the water, the better the experience.

Q:  Someone in our party does not swim, can they still join?
A:  We typically provide advice as such if they are comfortable on the water should not be a problem. Do them a favor though, book a shorter tour.

Q:  Do you have life jackets / Personal Floatation Devices (PFD’s)?
A:  Each guests is required to wear a PFD. We may ask when you book for any small kids so to ensure we have the kids vests for your group.

Q:  What if it rains?
A:  While Maui is blessed with an abundance of sunshine, it does rain now and again. If it’s a downpour we will stay on shore. If it’s a passing shower, we go! On a side note, it’s really nice on the water and ask yourself have you ever seen a
raindrop hit the water while looking up in the water?

Q:  What type of kayaks do you use?
A:  We use sit on top kayaks both singles and doubles. These are easy to use and very stable.

Q:  What is the cancellation policy?
A:  Our cancellation policy includes a 48 hour window. Any changes to your reservation needs to be made outside the 48 hours prior to your activity. You would receive a full refund should you cancel the reservation outside of the 48 hours prior to your activity.

Q:  How many people can fit in a kayak?
A:  We have single and double kayaks. If you have an odd number in your party, you will have a single kayak.

Q:  Can my child ride with us?
A:  Yes, Often smaller kids can ride between mom and dad on the kayak. This is size dependent and your guide will help you with this.

Q:  Can I bring a camera or video recorder?
A:  If they’re waterproof. If they aren’t, not such a good idea.

Q:  What do we do with car keys, cell phone phones, wallets, etc.?
A:  We will have dry bags available to you for such however, please minimize what you are bringing. General rule of thumb if you don’t need it, leave it!

Q:  What can I expect to see on the tour?
A:  Each day is different out on the water so each day is unique. Maui is a very diverse and unique eco system with an amazing aray of coral and reef life.  At times you may even see dolphins or whales (during whale season).

Q:  I wear glasses, do you have prescription snorkel masks?
A:  We recommend getting properly fitted at the local dive store as this will ensure you will be best served with a comfortable mask that is closest to your prescription giving you a headache free snorkel and kayak experience.